Content Development & Articles

Do you wish to inform or persuade your audience? Who is your target market? Do you know them well enough to address them in an informal manner, or should you stick to a more conservative style? These are a few of the questions we can answer. By sharing with us the direction of each client's project platform, we can customize the writing content to fit your needs. Whether it's simply an ad for a career position within your firm, or an all out marketing campaign for your product, or creating content for your web space, we create writing solutions that get results.

Below you will find some samples of our articles and archives from the writing vault.

Small Business Articles

  • Selling Your Stuff Online: 6 Things to Consider Before You Leap
  • Privacy Vs. Human Nature
  • Spice Up Your Marketing Action Plan With Some Key Hot Ingredients!
  • Get Back on Track! 5 Ways to Recognize A Marketing Derailment
  • Develop Your Unique Marketing Action Plan in 5 Easy Steps
  • 2 Absolutely Essential Easy Exercises That Can Distinguish You As Customer's Choice!
  • Spend, Spend, Spend: 5 reasons to Go Against the Grain!
  • Run Your Day
  • Top 5 Scary Tactics: The Ghostbusting of Marketing Past
  • Choosing Your Marketing Tools: Getting the Right Fit
  • Be A Natural: 3 Ways to Better Know Your Market, and Connect With IT
  • Web Site Marketing: Audio vs. Video, Size Does Matter
  • Back to Basics in 5 easy Steps: Getting a Second Opinion on Your Marketing Plan
  • What's In A Name? Your Passport to Opportunity!
  • Increase Traffic to Your Site! 5 Strategic Marketing Jewels of Information.
  • Do It! 3 Reasons to Start Your Home-Based Business
  • Treat Me Write. Get Out Your Pen and Reward Yourself
  • Marketing, The Bryan Adams Way
  • De-clutter Your Site! 5 Reasons to Spring Clean Your Web Space
  • Get a Fresh Start. 5 Truly Economical Ways to Bring Nature In
  • Know When to Grow. 5 Important Questions to Ask Yourself in a Tough Economy
  • It's All About You: The Importance of Building Customer Relationships
  • Dress to Access Success: First Impressions DO Matter
  • Get back in the Box! Re-gifting Your Corporate Marketing Strategy
  • Curbing Employee Dissatisfaction: 3 Steps to De-stressing Your Workplace and Beyond
  • BPI, Business Process Improvement: Building Your Lean Machine
  • Do You Have the Second-Hand Pink Slip Blues?

  • Freelance Articles

    The Observer: Small Town Optimist Column

  • Walmart and a Cup of Coffee
  • Prepare for the Holiday Advertising Avalanche
  • The Strengths of a Candidate
  • Saying Thanks With A Bright(er) Outlook
  • The Nugget Rule: Take What You Learn and Apply It
  • A Berry Good Experience
  • You've Got To Get Out More Often
  • Top 5 reasons Why We Like Ribfest
  • Web 2.0

  • The Brockville Voice: Small Town Optimist Column

  • Less Is More
  • Give It Away and You'll Get Some Back
  • Challenges: Remaining Optimistic
  • The "Creative Class" A Call to Action
  • Should I Stay or Should I Go?