What's In A Name?
Your Passport to Opportunity!

By Cyndy Bolton

Now that it is a requirement to enter the United States with a valid passport, I reflected upon how this example could be applied to the development of your corporate identification.

Think of your corporate identification as your passport to opportunity. Whether you are an established business, or just starting out, it is of utmost importance that you get yourself on the right track and give your client base a well targeted image of your company.

Be specific enough about your product or service when identifying it with a name. As the old saying goes, if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's a duck. So call it a duck. You can be creative with the name, possibly putting a new spin on the spelling of it, but beware. When it comes to advertising your product online, your potential clients are going to be searching for it by spelling it the most logical way. This is something to be cautious about when developing your image.

Be direct and brief. Name it using as little words as possible. Save the short description for the tag line, which is just that. On average a tag line can run from about 3 to 7 words of description, depending on balance and rhythm. If you can rhyme it, even better. This helps the consumer remember it better. Be careful here too. Try not to make it to cheesy, today's consumers are savvy to the point of sometimes being skeptical. If they're skeptical, the chance is higher that they will be turned off of your product quicker.

Be creative! Of course, this depends on your market. The younger the target, the more fun you can have. For example, the under 10 market loves big and bold. Colours, lettering, and graphics in the right balance can catch the young ones attention faster and reinforce recognition faster. Tweens and teens are attracted to pop culture. The desire to fit in, or be the first to start a cool trend is what dries their purchases. Adults like a story. Who doesn't. The clever ones stand out the best. Think of viral marketing and the last time you saw something online that attracted your attention. The impression lasted, didn't it?

Did you remember the branding? Ah-ha! you did!

The big brand names have the budget to create cutting edge productions when dealing with marketing. Although you probably don't, there are many affordable ways to be creative. By talking with your graphics and marketing professional, you can map out an appropriate plan. One that is truly about you and your business. One that will open doors, and become your passport to opportunity.