No one left behind.

Are you a late adopter who wonders what digital marketing can do for your business? Are you looking to expand your reach or simply educate the audience about you and your goods and services? Are you an underserved individual looking to generate revenu from a business idea?

My name is Cyndy Bolton and I help small businesses to better understand the world of digital marketing. With years of experience in media and design, branding and digital development. I have developed websites and e-commerce in not-for-profit, industry, government and privately owned business and have seen a multitude of approaches to digital marketing that are both highly engaging and also terribly ineffective. I was raised in the challenging environment of running a small family business within a small town where deep relationships were built and fostered, and have run my own marketing business for over 20 years. I recognize the deep disconnect that many businesses are feeling. Entrepreneurs are overwhelmed by the multitude of marketing options available. Questions like what is a CMS, how do I create an Email campaign, Paid Ads, PPC, Social Media, Business Suites, Google My Business, e-commerce, POS, inventory management and more… Changes to platforms happen on a daily basis, free vs. paid, calendars and scheduling… Solopreneurs and small business Mom and Pop shops feel left behind and fear that the competition has a better handle on their online presence. Let me ease your anxiety. I've helped hundreds of companies of all kinds to better understand marketing, to smoothly their launch and efficiently execute their digital strategies. It's quite simple really. I foster an environment that builds confidence, helping clients easily and affordably learn the empowering skills to master the right digital marketing tools for their business.

i am a very creative soul with a wicked sense of humour. I beleive in always adding vaue to what I offer and that collaboration is the key to success. Effective plans and execution of them take time and focus which you may not have as a small business owner. I can help you to understand what your options are and whether to invest your precious resources towards them. Let's be clear, I believe there is no dumb question, and I care deeply about your success. Call me and let's begin your digital business transformation today.

Services Offered

  • Consulting
  • Brainstorming
  • Educating
  • Presenting
  • Auditing
  • Planning
  • Scheduling
  • Creative: Branding, Writing, Photography, E-Commerce, Email Marketing and more