Do You Have the Second-Hand Pink Slip Blues?

By Cyndy Bolton

Tired of hearing about how your friends and family are being affected by the economic downturn? Can't sleep because thoughts of down-sizing are keeping you up? Do you stress out on Thursday night at the thought of having to go in to work on what is now known as Pink Slip Friday?

Take comfort in the reality that you are not alone. Many of your peers and family members share your circumstance. If you understand that by being a community of employees, you are empowered to turn the negative work environment into a more positive one. You need to refresh your contingency plan and make some new goals.

Living through tough times has a hard learning curve. You have to adapt quickly. Most importantly, you must have a plan. While all of the others are shocked and numb in receiving their position-ending news, you could be working towards a new goal.

Here is a helpful list to stay on task when managing your stress levels and developing your plan "B":

  1. Review your skills. Take inventory of what you know, and see if you can improve some of your knowledge through networking or taking a refresher course.
  2. Update your resume. Keeping this tool current should be something you work on frequently.
  3. Revisit established professional relationships. Dust off some of those business cards that you have stored away and reconnect with what you may deem potential employment connections.
  4. Consult an experienced employment professional. Seek the confidential advice of a career trainer. These professionals also have assessment tools available to help you choose the right path.
  5. Talk to someone. Many professional workplaces have benefit packages that cover personal counselling services. It may help you work things out in difficult times.
  6. Set a goal, and build your plan around it. Without a goal as a foundation, there is nothing to support your plan. Give this goal meaning by choosing one which is close to you, this will help drive its success.
  7. Be honest. This may be the most challenging thing to do. If you are honest with yourself and the ones closest to you, you will find that your chances of overcoming a trying time will grow.
  8. Go easy on yourself. Just because people around you are being affected, doesn't necessarily mean you're next.

Remember as of today for you, life is still "business as usual". A trip to a day spa won't blow your budget, and after all, it may generate some well –deserved introspection.