Increase Traffic to Your Site!
5 Strategic Marketing Jewels of Information.

By Cyndy Bolton

Marketing your business can be a confusing and daunting task. there are many options for you to take. Which one is the right one for you? Are you working with a tight budget, or tighter time constraints? Are you a "do-it yourselfer", or would you rather give the professional the reigns? There are a lot of choices being offered to you regarding advertising and how to do it efficiently. Let's explore it further.

When researching a marketing plan, there are many choices for you as a business owner or a marketing lead. Of course, your number one responsibility is to make sure you get the most bang for your buck. This means hitting your target audience with the least amount of investment as possible so you get the greatest return.

As you develop your plan, remember to delegate what you can't do to a professional, unless you have staff to do so. If you are a novice at creating web pages, let a professional do it. This decision usually proves to be more cost-effective than not. If you rather be out on the floor dealing with customer and suppliers, find a designer/marketer who can help you develop your advertising while you man the stations on the front line. If this is truly where your heart is, isn't it where you should be?

5 top ways to benefit from a marketing plan through professional direction:

  1. GO LOCAL. Increase your local respective market. By joining a local network, especially if you are a small business operator or entrepreneur will increase your exposure. If you target market lies in this area, it is of a notable benefit for you to get out and start rubbing elbows with the locals. Once you rub the elbows, make sure to give out as many business cards as possible, and also mention the fact that you will offer an added incentive if business comes to you through another member (also traditionally known as member-to-member benefits).

  2. GO GLOBAL. Research online the different ways to network. Once you have your marketing plan in order, sign up for some online networks. See if you can link the information between some of these networks, and get them to link to your web site. This is an easy way to get new contacts in your specified field. There are a wide variety of networks available for you to choose from, the widest know are Facebook, Digg, LinkedIn, and MySpace. If you are a member of a professional association, explore their online presence and join any and all of their related groups.

  3. GO GREEN. If there is any way for your business to be wrapped in green, go for it! Now is the time when the environment is rightfully being focused upon by marketers in order to increase the "awwww!" factor in their product or service. The greening of any business tends to be close to our hearts. What is it about your items that make the consumer feel better about their purchase? If it's a proven and honest "green" related benefit, it could prove to increase your sales.

  4. GO TRADITIONAL. Many of the traditional formats of marketing such as newspaper, magazine and mail have gone through dramatic changes to compete with the ways of the new electronic world. If you research these paths, you will find that many of them have had to streamline their processes in order to maintain sales. Out of this situation arose a tough and sharply competitive market. You will find that the prices for promotional items have been drastically lowered in order to compete for your dollar. Investigate print and television, and you may be pleasantly surprised by the results.

  5. GO PROFESSIONAL. All of the above advice may sound good, but in order to get the best bang for your buck, consult a professional. If you move forward with your marketing without researching vital information about where your business stands, you may find yourself disappointed in the return. a good professional will listen to what you need, care about your history and set forth a plan to deliver your advertising to the appropriate market.

By making sure that you strategically incorporate your URL, or web site address in these modes of marketing, you should anticipate an increase in the traffic to your site. The more you broadcast this information, the better.

Only you can choose where you want to go with your marketing plan. After all, it is your business; and we, as marketers and designers want to help get you there. The relationship we build with you is one which we hope will last a long time.